Westminster Remembers Chadwick Boseman


Madison Townsend


Chadwick Boseman was a famous actor who was also a strong inspiration for so many people in the Westminster community, and today people admire how hard he fought through stage four cancer. Even though he died when he was 43 on August 28, 2020, in Los Angeles, the whole world remembers him as a leader who made an impact on millions. 

He developed a passion for the arts and started his acting career. He was an astonishing actor in movies such as Black Panther, Captain America, Infinity War, End Game, Draft Day, Spider Man, and many more. Even during the production of the movie Black Panther, he had stage four colon cancer, having been diagnosed in 2016. His illness was kept a secret, with only a few select people in his community being aware. However, he persevered to continue performing throughout the whole movie. It was a tremendously heartbreaking moment the day he passed away. 

Boseman was outstanding at being a leader, a person who stood up for his community, a fighter, an actor, a speaker of knowledge, and more. Westminster looks up to astounding fighters like him. Boseman was battling a sickness that he could not control. Every day he woke up feeling immensely ill. He didn’t let himself be dragged into giving up. Instead, he fought like no other, even while having countless chemotherapies and surgeries. 

Perseverance is what Westminster students and teachers aspire to show. Danette Morton, Middle School Principal, says that he was admired “both [for] his talent as an actor and his choices of roles. Boseman’s life and career were a testament to the fact that you can impact the world in any field. Even as an entertainer, you can use your talents to lead societal change.” Boseman shows how to have a strong drive to fight even when it may fail, and he shows that every day is a new chance to make a change.  

In particular, Boseman was a strong believer and supporter of Black Lives Matter, which happens to be a very important topic right now. Boseman cared so much about mankind and his people. He stood up for Black Lives Matter entirely every day all day and worked and spoke about equality. Many in the Westminster community have fought hard to stand up for what they believe in. Eighth-grade science teacher Gary Jones expresses, “Boseman was more than a talented actor, an outstanding public speaker. He was an overall upstanding man of faith and character. He was committed to portraying African Americans in positive, non-stereotypical roles which made him a valuable member of Hollywood and our society as a whole.” Additionally, 8th grader Marci Kinerman explains, “Chadwick’s death was an awful occurrence, and I had always enjoyed watching him as an actor and his movies he was in. Especially to me and my friends, it was hard because he was such an important attribute and inspiration to the BLM community.”

Boseman’s life was more than just being an actor. He truly was an inspiration before and during cancer. He was the one to step up in front of everyone and say let’s make a change, let’s fight harder. This kind of leader is one that affects the Westminster community in the best way possible, and many looked up to him as way more than a breathtaking actor.