Missing Music Midtown, Students Get Creative


Julia Gibney

High schoolers all around Atlanta were greatly saddened to hear the news that the popular festival Music Midtown is canceled this year. Every year, Atlanta’s Music Midtown is one of the most looked-forward-to events. The lineups for the show always have incredible artists ranging from Travis Scott to Billie Eilish to Lizzo, and many teens love to dress up in their favorite outfits and mosh-pit until they drop.

Many high schoolers are upset because they believe that going to this festival is a necessity in their high school careers. Hannah Genser, a junior at Pace Academy, says “I’m so emotional. Music Midtown last year was so much fun, and I wish we could do it this year.” Westminster junior Colin Gibney adds “Travis Scott was so fun. I had the best time.” 

 With Music Midtown off the plate, juniors here at Westminster came up with a fun idea. Eva Carlton and some of her friends such as Ally McChesney, Peyton Townsend, and more dressed up as famous artists––such as Brittany Spears, Madison Beer, and 6ix9ine––and performed each artist’s songs karaoke-style. Eva’s father says, “I knew the girls would be sad about Music Midtown being canceled, and I’m glad they came up with this, because it looked like they had a lot of fun.” Eva and her friends made a TikTok of themselves dancing in their singer costumes, which went viral and received over 130k likes. 

Eva’s creativity goes to show that even when something sad ruins a fun memory, anyone can still be creative and make a new one. Music Midtown will be missed, but there’s always next year! And for that matter, if you already bought your tickets, don’t worry! They will be saved for next year’s reschedule, September 18-19, 2021.