Spotlighting Mrs. Dillard: Westminster’s New 8th Grade Math Teacher


Madison Townsend

Every year at Westminster, the school welcomes new teachers to the family. Ms. Daria Dillard, one of the new six teachers in the Middle School, is an Eighth Grade Math teacher. Prior to joining Westminster, Dillard taught at TC Williams High school in Alexandria, VA, for six years. Prior to TC Williams, Dillard taught at Walt Whitman Middle school in Alexandria, VA, for 7 years; James Madison MA in Upper Marlboro, MD, for two years; and, lastly, Hart MS in Washington, DC for two years. 

Dillard had the opportunity to live in different areas and teach different levels of mathematics, from 6th grade math to AP Calculus. “This has not only allowed me to better understand how to teach various types of learners, but it provided a greater understanding of the need for younger math learners to have a sound foundation in the algebra essentials,” says Dillard. 

Dillard not only has a strong background, but she also has the drive and passion for educating the next generation. “Teachers have the distinct honor and privilege of creating the leaders of tomorrow,” she says. “We are shaping the minds of the next generations so that the society that we live in 10, 20, 50 years from now will be led by competent, caring and intellectually gifted individuals.” Westminster looks for teachers like Dillard who have a passion for teaching and will help their students grow as students and as people.

Dillard has already made an impression on her students. “[Dillard] is an amazing new teacher and Dillard encourages others to go outside their comfort zones,” says 8th grader Maya Mangat. “It is clear that Dillard has a passion for teaching.”