Will Ferrell Spotted in Our School!


Have you ever walked by a teacher who looked exactly like the celebrity you saw last night on TV? Well, we have a column for you! This story is the first feature in our brand new column where you choose teachers at Westminster and we match them to their celebrity look-alikes. After they are matched we will interview them. The first teacher we chose for this column was Tim Downes, Head of Athletics for Westminster, who looks like Will Ferrell!

Downes welcomes the similarity with a smile, having dressed up as a Will Ferrell character for Halloween and having gone viral: “It didn’t shock me at all. You know I don’t help myself with Buddy the Elf, that ended up on youtube.” One of the first times he got told he looked like Will Ferrell was oddly enough in Pennsylvania. “I remember being at a public pool in Pennsylvania. I walked in, and everyone started staring at me. It was really weird.” Downes said, “ Honestly, I didn’t know why and then at some point someone came up and said ‘you know you look just like Will Ferell’ and I was kind of wondering what Will Ferell would be doing at a public pool in Pennsylvania.” He must get sick of people telling him this, right? “No not at all I think it’s a lot of fun.” He adds, “Every Halloween I dress one of his characters.” Downes has also been told he looks like William Katt, an actor, who starred on the show The Greatest American Hero. Down below we have pictures of Will Ferrel (left), Tim Downes (middle), and William Katt (right). Who does he look most alike? Does he even look like either of them? We’ll let you decide, until next time!

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