English Teacher Danny Alexander Returns to the Classroom


Caryssa Snyder

English teacher and Upper School Admissions Director Danny Alexander has returned to the Middle School this year. For the past two years, Alexander has been working in Admissions; however, this year he is returning to the classroom half-time, teaching 8th grade English while continuing to do Admissions work. 

Growing up in Pennsylvania with a family of teachers, Alexander always aspired to teach. “I think I always . . . not always but you know, at least whenever it becomes appropriate to start thinking about what you want to do with your life at least realistically . . . it just seemed like something I’d want to do;  it seemed fulfilling and it has been,” Alexander explains. 

During his first three years at Westminster, Alexander only taught 7th grade English. He never planned to go into Admissions. However, when an opportunity came up, Alexander saw himself fit for the job. “This wasn’t really even on my radar, an opportunity popped up . . .  and it worked out with some of the changes that were happening in the Admissions office. We were hiring new people and readjusting roles and so it just kind of fit. It all worked out.” The process of his leaving from teaching, however, was not graciously accepted by all of his coworkers, “For sure [they gave him grief for leaving], but I think it was all in love,” Alexander says. 

Alexander’s time in Admissions has given him a new perspective. “There are lots of things that I never thought about as a classroom teacher like planning events, name tags, table cloths, and decorations.”

Alexander not only teaches but also coaches Varsity Football and Junior Varsity Lacrosse. Additionally, he and his wife just welcomed a new addition to the family—their newborn daughter, Harper. With a newborn, Alexander has been working extra hard to juggle the unpredictable changes of school, home, and sports. “Coaching . . . we have bad weather, it’s too hot, you might be coaching well into the evening . . . and this is a new curriculum for 8th grade so it’s been a little bit more of a challenge than if I were to be teaching 7th grade again.”

On a perfect weekend, Alexander likes to change up his typical fast-paced days and relax. “I think [the perfect weekend] includes waking up a little later with no alarm clock, really good black coffee, and good college football with friends.” However, Alexander does not have a favorite football team. “I just love it all . . . which is dangerous. I usually end up rooting for coaches that I like.”