Every school year brings fresh faces and new ideas, and this year is no exception. Our school is excited to welcome a group of talented and passionate educators who are eager to make a difference in our community, particularly two who teach in neighboring classrooms in the English department.

Michelle Cardona, a 6th grade teacher, has already made an impact on the English department. Cardona came from Miami, Florida, where she taught four years in charter school and eight years in public school. Cardona states, “It was a learning experience.” Cardona states that she likes Westminster better than the other schools in Miami because Westminster has a better learning environment. A seasoned educator with twelve years of experience, Cardona brings a wealth of knowledge. She describes her journey as a “learning experience,” one that has shaped her teaching philosophy and approach. At Westminster, she appreciates the beneficial learning environment, which she believes is key to effective teaching and learning.

7th and 8th grade English teacher Corey Goergen is from Nebrasaka, but he didn’t teach there because he moved at a young age. He really likes teaching here at Westminster because he states, “I have really good colleagues.” He says that there is nothing bad about teaching here except the traffic.

From the sunny shores of Miami to the heartland of Nebraska, our new teachers bring a diverse range of experiences and perspectives to our school. As we welcome them into our community, we look forward to seeing how their unique approaches to teaching will enrich our learning environment. As we navigate this school year together, let’s remember to extend our support and appreciation to these new faces. After all, it’s the people that make Westminster such a special place to learn and grow.