Reader Opinion: More Time Between Classes Needed


Charlotte Woodrum (7th), Guest Writer

Finding time to use our lockers can be a difficult task. Our Grade Chairs expect us to use our lockers often, but we only have five minutes of transition time between classes. During recess, students can use their lockers, but recess is early on in the day, so they end up still having to carry a lot for the latter half of the day. In addition to this, some students spend time in the GWL during recess. The GWL is on the 3rd floor of Clarkson hall, so these students have no such opportunity. Another time students can stop by their lockers is during PE, but they don’t have much time to walk to and from PE. They don’t have time to move things from their backpack into their locker by the time they get back. It can be very annoying when I have multiple classes in a row on the third or second floors, and our locker commons are on the first floor or a hard-to-reach hallway on the second floor. We need to have enough time to use our lockers in between classes and not have to haul around a giant backpack up and down stairs. 

A way of fixing this problem could be to add a longer transition time. It would not have to be ten minutes like last year, but seven minutes or more could make a difference. 7th Grade student Anna Stewart says that “We don’t have enough time to use lockers between classes without feeling rushed.” We need enough time to be able to drop off our unneeded binders and books, and adding a few more minutes to class transition time could be just the fix that we are looking for.