Westminster 2020 Class Reps


Madison Townsend

Every year at Westminster, students elect class representatives for each grade who lead by example. This year, elections took place on October 2, 2020. Each grade has eight class representatives: four girls and four boys. The most impactful class leaders work well with others, are strong communicators, are organized, motivated, and willing to help others. 

Class representatives are a major component of a strong community. “They are vital. They represent their peers and bring ideas and concerns from their peers to the administration,” says Jan Allen, 7th Grade Girls Grade Chair. “I’ve seen seventh grade girls make positive changes for our whole Middle School over the years by bringing concerns to me and brainstorming ways to improve.” Students have a similar outlook regarding the qualities they seek in class representatives. “In a class rep, I look for someone who stands out as a superior and determined leader,” says 8th grader Caroline Moseley. Similarly, 8th grader Nigel Shoyoye adds, “ I like to see that they have dedication, and actually try to make change instead of making promises they can’t keep.” 

The class reps have been planning and trying to make this year optimistic even though we are in the midst of COVID. “This year, I want to make changes based on others’ ideas,” says 8th grader Selena Patel. “I think we will start on small projects, like working on something similar to the bookstore or the campus center. Whereas, larger and more difficult projects are being able to see others at lunch besides the select people in our classes.”

COVID has resulted in many compromises that limit students’ freedom. Class representatives provide the voices that share our conflicts or worries.I want to make a change this year by making the Westminster 6th Grade Girls community a better place, even though we’re in the midst of COVID-19,” says 6th grader Julia Gherman.

“How can we make this work?  How can we still have events that we love even though we have to socially distance and wear masks? I can’t change any of this, of course, but we can at least go around it. As class rep, I’d love to try and change some things that we can help.” 

The call to serve as class representatives has resonated strongly with the Naidu family. Sixth grader Urvini Nuidu and her two eighth grade siblings, Arjun and Anjini, are all class representatives for their respective grades this year. Class representatives lead by example in multiple ways and are ready to start making changes.