Westminster Families Travel for Spring Break Despite CDC Guidelines

Elisabeth Higley

Spring Break is a highlight of the second semester for Westminster students and families. This week-long break at the beginning of March is the perfect time to get out of the city and spend time with family, or friends. Many can be seen traveling to exotic islands, maybe skiing out west, and everywhere in between. However, this year, COVID-19 has severely impacted travel, whether it would be traveling internationally or nationally. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) has asked for travel to be limited unless it is completely necessary. 

Despite what the CDC has said about traveling, many Westminster families have continued to travel throughout the pandemic. In a recent survey, 12 out of 15 students, or 80% percent, admit to having travel plans for Spring Break. 8th-grader Kensi Nichols, who is visiting the US. Virgin Islands for Spring Break, shares how traveling can be safe during the virus. “As long as you’re safe while traveling and you get tested (for COVID-19) before and after and wear a mask I feel like it’s ok,” says Nichols. 

Well, Nichols is definitely not the only one who believes that traveling could still be safe during this time. 8th grader Caroline Dolan, who is going by boat to Florida, thinks that school will deal with and control a possible outbreak, “I think that the number of people going on vacation could maybe contribute to a break out, but Westminster has already thought about these potential cases and built in one virtual school week with two sets of testing to alleviate some of those travel related cases.” 

Clearly Westminster has put in great precautions to help prevent a COVID spread, and traveling more safely seems to be within reach. Although taking a vacation during the coronavirus might be dicey, those traveling for Spring Break are putting in the effort to stay safe.