8th Graders Prepare to Leave Clarkson Hall

8th Graders Prepare to Leave Clarkson Hall

Kendall Hermanson

As the school year comes to a close, the current 8th graders are preparing to finish their years in Clarkson Hall and enter the Westminster Upper School. Many students have been wondering how the year will come to a close and if there will be an 8th grade graduation.

 The 8th grade Grade Chairs have been working hard to plan events that make the closing months of the school year fun. Boys Grade Chair Patrick Egan says that in the past there hasn’t been a particular closing event. “The Oscars are typically something that is done to kind of celebrate the work of the students,” Egan says. “There was usually there was some type of dance that would take place . . . that typically marked the end of the year, but I don’t think there’s anything official.” 

This year, there is an 8th grade social planned on April 23. “So we’re hoping to do some kind of fun carnival games, and other activities on a Friday evening,” says Egan.

Eighth-grade student Mary Clare Miller says that this year’s graduation will be unforgettable. “I think 8th-grade graduation will be an experience none of us will be able to forget because of how different it’s going to be,” Miller says. “This year some of [the normal graduation activities] might not happen because of COVID; we can’t hug our friends goodbye before summer, and I have a feeling it’s going to be a limited number of people, so not much family would be able to come.” Many other students share Miller’s ideas on how graduation will work. 

One of the most important events of any given 8th grade year is the 8th Grade Oscars Ceremony. The Oscars recognize the incredible film work of the 8th grade students on their Romeo and Juliet film project. This year the Oscars will take place on Thursday, May 20. They’ll take place in the football stadium, and the audience will consist of parents, students, and teachers. This is usually one of the main events to close out the year.

One of the biggest questions of the year was if the 9th graders were truly prepared for the switch to high school. 8th grade student Anjini Naidu says that Westminster has prepared us with study skills and the schedule. “They have taught us study tips, and throughout middle school, we’ve had a week where we learn from the learning strategists at the school,” Naidu says. “They have also talked to us about our schedule next year and what to expect in high school.” However, fellow 8th grade student Anne Cox disagrees with Naidu. “To me, Westminster hasn’t done a great job with prepping us for ninth grade because I still feel really unprepared for high school,” Cox says. “The scheduling and class registration was crazy and confusing . . . Hopefully having two post-exam weeks will give us more prep for high school. I did wish we got our schedules earlier than just two days before orientation, but oh well.” 

Overall, 8th graders seem to be finishing the year strong, and will hopefully be prepared for the beginning of their freshman year.