Virtual Learning Continues to Improve for Wildcats


Hudson Wirth

The coronavirus pandemic has drastically changed how we live our lives, and it has especially changed schools. Both teachers and students alike are trying to fit in with the new norms and schedule. Virtual learning has been a great addition for students and teachers to still learn and teach while stuck in quarantine. However, virtual learning can still be improved in all categories.

Many students believe that Westminster could both improve virtual learning and keep students safe. “I think it has gotten better because the teachers are more prepared for the kids to join,” 8th grader Lachlan O’Neill says. “I think it [virtual learning] could be improved if the teachers had separate lesson plans that could better help the students online.” Separate lesson plans would make virtual students have the ability to learn the in-person material much easier.

The virtual learning advisors have seen the evolution of virtual learning unfold, and they have great insight. “I think as the year has gone on, students and teachers have become more flexible and fluent with remote learning,” says Cason Given, Middle School Learning Specialist. “For example, almost everyone in the building knows how to access a Zoom meeting with ease, whether they are a teacher or a student. This was not the case a year ago!” 

Given says, “I think we can continue to look for ways to invite remote learners into the learning experience through additional social touchpoints (maybe bringing back Virtual Locker Commons).” The virtual locker commons would be a great way to stay in touch with all of the virtual students and make sure they can get to their zoom classes on time.

Many teachers that were sick or had to go home while still teaching virtually to their in-person students have had little difficulty. “The only difficulty I had with teaching on virtual was that I love my job and my kids and to not be able to interact with them was hard,” Gary Jones states. “The sky is the limit to what could be improved however the main issues are connectivity and showing the material on the screen.” Most teachers and students alike agree that wifi and connectivity were a huge factor in not understanding or teaching the material properly.