Foursquare Craze Takes Over Middle School


Charlotte Groton

Mask breaks are a thing of the past; now it’s just foursquare breaks. Foursquare has taken over the Middle School and has started to become competitive among students as well as many teachers. 

Most students in the Middle School love playing foursquare to be able to have a fun break during the long school day. “One of the best parts of foursquare is that I get to socialize with my friends while playing a fun game,” says 8th grader Abby Shepherd. Another 8th grader, Carlisle Stone agrees. “I love playing foursquare because it freshens my mind and enables me to have a ready to work mind after getting all of my energy out.”

While the majority of students thoroughly enjoy foursquare, some students do not agree. “Many of my classmates love to play foursquare, but I find it pretty boring,” says 6th grader Harrison Ji. “I think it may be because I get out quickly”

This year’s Foursquare craze at Westminster started with Carter Thomas’s English class when they decided to try to bring it back. Soon after, every class was taking breaks outside to go play some foursquare.

Teachers all seem to think that foursquare is a great break to have to re-adjust the student mind to be ready to learn when back in the classroom. English and Creative Writing teacher Tyree Churchill explains how she loves foursquare for her students because “It simply brings in a new level of inclusivity, and in years past kids would have a tendency to leave other out, but with this fun game I even see different grade levels playing together which is so nice to see.”

The Head of the Westminster Middle School, Danette Morton, agrees with all of the above and says she plans on continuing four square in the years to come. “It really is a wonderful thing to be able to loom out of my office window and be able to see these wonderful students collaborating and having fun together,“ says Morton. “It really is a big highlight of my day.”