Six Rising 9th Grade Students Accepted Into Competitive A Cappella Groups


MAC performance c. 2019

Pace Pequignot

This year, rising freshmen were given the opportunity to sign up for Upper School Men’s and Women’s A Cappella (MAC and WAC), groups featuring student vocals unaccompanied by music. Many of the students that audition are chorus students looking to be one of the select few chosen. Many people try out, but only a few are accepted. MAC and WAC are student-led groups, each consisting of about 26 high-school students. When seniors leave to go to college at the end of each school year, positions open in these exclusive groups. The more seniors that leave, the more spots open up. Usually, only two rising freshmen of each gender make the a cappella team each year.

Eight seniors graduated this year from WAC, so eight spots were available. Ten rising ninth-grade girls auditioned to be in the group; and, of those, three were admitted. Six auditioned for MAC, and three were admitted. The competition is extreme, and the fact that six rising freshmen made the group signifies the amount of talent that our Middle School students possess.

The students admitted to MAC were Jack Stewart, Louie Gump, and Austin Genova. The students admitted to WAC were Anna Wickliffe, Camila Hernandez, and Chloe Carlton. We all hope that these students will go on to thrive in their respective groups, and we all look forward to seeing them perform in the future.