Westminster Students and Faculty Look Forward to Halloween This Year


Image Credit: CoolThemeStories.com

Diana Blake


Watch out! Halloween lurks just around the corner. In the past, the Middle School was the only division out of all of Westminster that didn’t allow students to dress up. Last year, however, the situation changed. Vielka Reina, Dean of Students, said “back in the day, there must have been someone that was against Halloween, dressing up, and felt that it was immature to dress up. However I am against that and think it would be fun to dress up.” 

Many of Westminster’s faculty have expressed their joy of having the choice to dress up this year, but they also said because of cultural appropriation, the school has been hesitant to allow us to wear costumes. Patrick Egan, boys 8th grade Grade Chair, along with many other faculty members, are strict about what may and may not follow the rules of culturally appropriate costumes, saying “Dressing up for Halloween can be so much fun, but certain costumes like a Day of the Dead skeleton would not be culturally appropriate.”   

Another fun event that takes place at Westminster on or near Halloween is the Lower School Halloween Parade, which gives Kindergarten through 2nd grade students a chance to dress up and parade through the middle of campus. Not only do participants enjoy the parade but teachers throughout all of Westminster—most if not all—will postpone their academic teaching schedules, and students and teachers alike line up to catch a glimpse of the younger students in their unique costumes. You don’t want to miss it!