Deans Ban Popular Fashion Trend


Gabbie Cropper

In a group homeroom on October 27th, the Deans announced the decision to ban the popular flowy skorts because they are too revealing, effective the following Monday. This change came very suddenly, leaving many students confused. 

The skorts became very popular this school year after the 8th grade girls started wearing them. Brands such as Natural Life, Koch, and Queen of Sparkles sell these skorts, which are technically shorts, but are flowy and loose, making them look like mini skirts. Because they have a five inch inseam, they technically met the Westminster dress code while still being comfortable.  

Nonetheless, Dean of Students Vielka Reina claims that these skorts are not appropriate at school. “The flowy skorts are not conducive in the Middle School environment and the activities that you guys [Middle School girls] do and therefore unintentionally exposing parts of your body that you probably don’t want exposed.”

The 8th grade girls liked the style because it fit the dress code while being comfortable. After the ban, however, they are quick to say that they’re left with very few and uncomfortable options. “I think it’s unfair because like now we can only wear jeans, which I don’t like . . . I feel much more comfortable wearing a skirt,” states 8th grader Claire Kalka. 

The 8th grade girls say this change feels unfair, not only because of the limit of clothing options, but also because this change was so sudden, with little to no warning. According to the 8th grade girls, the teachers never specifically told the grade to wear their skorts lower or face greater consequences, such as the skorts being banned altogether. Without being told otherwise, the 8th grade girls were left to believe that the skorts were appropriate to be worn to school. 

Girls from the 8th grade have spoken to the Deans about a leggings trial, which could replace the skorts. Both the Deans and girls are excited to see this new idea in action, but until then, the girls remain in jeans and skirts two inches above the knee.