New Leggings Trial Allows Middle School Girls Another Clothing Option


Sisi Wilson

Before the Middle School was let out for Thanksgiving break, the class reps announced that there would be a leggings trial for the girls. After the Natural Life skorts were banned, many of the girls were upset with the limited clothing options in the Middle School. The class reps heard our complaints and started working with the deans and grade chairs to quickly give the girls another option of clothing to wear to school each day.  “It took us around two weeks. One week to make a dress code that was agreeable with the deans, and another week to present a slideshow to get it approved,” says Gabby Emch, an eighth-grade class representative.  

In the past, we have attempted to have a leggings trial before, but it was unsuccessful, making the deans reluctant to try this change again. “It felt like we were doing the same thing, expecting different results,” says Vielka Reina, Middle School dean of students, “When the eighth graders were in sixth grade, we tried to do this trial and it didn’t work because not everyone was adhering to the dress code.”

 Leggings are comfortable and stylish clothing items that are really popular among everyone today. “It’s a quick, easy thing to put,” says Reina, “I think that culturally, we have moved into a society of athleisure wear. Putting on a pair of leggings with a sweater or sweatshirt is really comfortable and quick to do.” Leggings come in many different colors and patterns and go with almost everything. “I’m really excited about being able to wear leggings because now we have more clothing choices to wear in the Middle School,” says Emch.  

The leggings trial started Monday, November 29th, and so far, the Middle School girls have done a good job of following the guidelines, bringing us one step closer to getting this trial to be permanent. “I hope this change will be permanent. By the looks of it so far, it could be if we continue on this path,” says Reina. Students and teachers remain hopeful about this dress code change, and what it could mean for the future of the Middle School dress code in the future. “I think that this means that hopefully, in the future, the school will be more lenient with the dress code, and Middle Schoolers will have more freedom with what they choose to wear,” says Emch.