Mixed Locker Commons Experiment Pleases 8th Graders, Administrators


Akinola Makanjuola

8th graders and faculty are still adjusting to the 8th grade locker commons becoming mixed gender, a change that was instituted when students returned in the fall.

The 6th and 7th grade locker commons remain the same, but for the first time the 8th grade locker commons have become mixed-gender. 

Grade chairs felt that the introduction of mixed locker commons would provide an opportunity for students to interact outside of their regular groups. Patrick Egan, the 8th grade boys Grade Chair, has seen significant improvements in the behavior of the 8th grade boys. “I have seen a significant decrease in rough-housing ever since the implementation of mixed-gender locker-commons,” says Egan. 

8th grade girls Grade Chair Catherine Zidow has a similar opinion but is sad that she doesn’t get to see every girl in her locker commons. “I’m personally sad that I don’t get to see each 8th grade girl every period as she enters the Locker Commons near my office, but I understand that it’s a trade-off,” says Zidow.

Students are happy with the new locker commons, but many say it doesn’t make much of  a difference. 8th Grader Henry Watson explains, “It doesn’t make much of a difference, but it sucks when your friends are on the other side of the locker commons.”

The mixing of the 8th grade locker commons seems to be a success so far, but this change is still fairly new. Depending on the feedback, this change could be something we see for 6th and 7th grade as well.