My Opinion: Hungry for consistently good lunches


Noah Morrison

This year at Westminster, lunch works a good bit different from years past. With the pandemic, Westminster has pre-packaged lunches, and sometimes they’re pretty good, but on other occasions, they are borderline inedible. 

One of the highlights of lunch so far has been the penne pasta with grilled chicken and tomato sauce. The chicken had a pretty good grill flavor and the tomato sauce was pretty solid. We’ve had this meal three times now, and I don’t think anyone is complaining. The only real flaws were a lack of salt, and since it was pre-packaged it was a little cold. A solution to the salt problem could be to put salt packets in the silverware packets. 

Another great lunch we had was the fried chicken sandwiches. The chicken was pretty crispy, and the bread was solid. The side of chips also helped the meal. One of the best things about this meal was that it came with honey mustard which really helped the flavor of the chicken.

One of the low points of lunch was the cheese tortellini with roasted chicken. Unlike the penne pasta, the chicken was dry and had the texture of a rubber bath toy, and it was the best part of the whole meal. Also, the cheese sauce really had no flavor at all and had a slight aftertaste of milk that was two months expired. The tortellini was made with different vegetables in the pasta dough, and those vegetables gave the pasta a weird flavor. The cheese they put in the pasta had the texture of sand and had no flavor. This meal was overall pretty bad, and hopefully, they can improve it in the future if they plan on making it again. 

Another low point of lunch was the penne pasta with cheese sauce and grilled chicken. Unlike the penne pasta with tomato sauce, this meal tasted fresh out of the freezer. It was ice cold. Also, the sauce had no flavor and the noodles were borderline raw. 

All in all, lunch has been pretty good for the circumstances Flik has to work under, but there are some very bad meals that could use improvement.