Middle School Students React: We’re HUNGRY


With the chaotic school year of 2021 the Bookstore, Campus Center, and Turner Gym have all been closed due to COVID 19. Students believe that there is not enough food on campus, and they often leave school very hungry.

Jack Schwartz 8th grader – “To be honest, I’m not too pleased about it. It was something to look forward to after school. Getting a little snack or a shot of energy would make my day that much better. I think if they could find a safe way to do it, they should start them up again because they were taking our money, and that’s what they want isn’t it? The only way it has affected me was if I need a little bit of energy I would just bring a Cliff Bar, but I miss going in there and grabbing a Powerade or even grabbing a nice Chick-fil-a sandwich.”
Stan Watkins 8th grader – “It has definitely been a different experience; I personally don’t get a ton of food from after-school places such as Campus Center or the Book Store, but definitely after practice sometimes I will, but now during 2020-2021 it’s just different.”
Reid Zeizing 8th grader – “I’m definitely disappointed; I really miss going after school with my friends and getting some food to eat. I also miss being able to get food and drinks before and after practice. It’s definitely disappointing it was one of my favorite parts about school. I often found myself pretty dehydrated, but that’s about it. I haven’t really been affected in a major way.”
Ravi Parikh 8th grader“Personally I never really went much to get any of that food, but still I wish we did have it because I occasionally went if like I didn’t have breakfast in the morning. I thought it was pretty cool because it helps build independence. I have just started bringing my own snacks if I don’t get enough lunch, and that tends to keep me through the day.”
Owen Norman 8th grader – “It’s really not that big of a deal, but it’s kind of annoying because some days you will be really hungry right before going home and you will just have to wait to eat. I didn’t really get that much food from Turner anyway, so it didn’t really change much.”
Ms. Churchill – “It’s been a little challenging, I think more so for the students because that would be something that they would look forward to, having those treats. I have just started bringing my own snacks from Trader Joe’s. I have been disappointed a couple of times when I’ve wanted to run over and get a bagel in the morning and it’s not available; other than that I bring my own stuff and I have a coffee machine in my room.
Mr. Williams – “I see both sides of it; I can see the social aspect of it after school. Most people would go to the campus center and get food and candy, and it kinda benefited me because I used to have a whole bunch of candy at my desk and this year I don’t have any. I also see the other side too; the Campus Center is cleaner, and the people who clean up the Campus Center are not having to pick up after everyone else. The trash cans used to always be full and there would be bees around the trashcans, and now it is mostly gone, so I believe that it has been good and bad. At first, I didn’t like the fact that we weren’t going to Malone anymore because I missed the social aspect of it, but it’s kinda cool just being able to walk down to Oglesby and grab your lunch just like that.