Westminster Middle School Students React to New Drinks

Hudson Wirth

“Happy, I’m glad apple juice is coming back. It really spices up our lunch and makes a mediocre lunch into a great lunch!” Hayden Wyler, 8th grade

With the recent Return of apple juice into the lunchroom, Westminster Middle School students have varied opinions on whether the apple juice is good or not.

“It’s okay but could be better, especially the carton one.” Ayan Chaganthi, 8th grade
“Ohh that apple juice is rancid! Also, the cardboard one tastes like vinegar!” Julian Weinstein, 8th grade
“I don’t like it as much as I like the other one [Mott’s Juice] but it’s not terrible.” Brian Schaeffer, 8th grade
“The Mott’s is fire but the other one is trash!” Devin Patel, 8th grade
“I don’t mind which one I drink because it all tastes the same.” Liam Loughead, 8th grade