8th Grade Students Give Their Voice on The Oscars


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Locke Patton and John Overend

This year, 8th Graders made Romeo and Juliet films. They celebrated the films with awards and food at The Oscars. We then asked some students to give their opinions on The Oscars.

“It was fun to be with everyone but it was a little too long and too much sitting. I wish they had spread it out more and made it less of a slideshow and more of a ceremony. I also think the MCs could have been better. . . But, I did like how everyone had their speeches prepared beforehand.” – Calvin McBurney
“The experience was pretty cool. It was really well done. I also think that the people who deserve the awards got them.” – Bennett Abrams


“I thought it was pretty cool. They even had the red carpet and balloons. It was really a nice experience.” – Liam Loughead
“It was fun but the movies got repetitive and boring. I wish they showed more diverse films since they all seemed the same. I also wish they had spread everything out more. But, I did enjoy getting to hang out with my friends outside of class.” – Nathan Curran