My Opinion: Childhood Cancer Awareness Month is Overlooked

My Opinion: Childhood Cancer Awareness Month is Overlooked

Caryssa Snyder

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month is coming to an end, but our awareness should not. In my opinion, all schools should make an effort to focus on Childhood Cancer Awareness Month because kids should be encouraged to support other kids. It is common for schools to do fundraisers for sports, special events, etc., but you rarely see schools or other groups focusing on childhood cancer awareness. You can spread awareness by simply contributing a few dollars that would typically be spent on a Starbucks drink to a hospital/charity working to find a cure or even create a fundraiser by yourself. 

In the United States alone, forty-seven children are diagnosed with cancer daily. On days we complain about our internet not working, children even younger than us are fighting for their lives. Most people don’t contribute to childhood cancer awareness or even give it a thought until they’re dealing with it or know someone who is. The majority of schools don’t even acknowledge the month. Unfortunately, it has become common to take things in life for granted and never think about how blessed and privileged you are until you face challenging news that puts everything else into a new perspective.

Last year, the movie Clouds was released about a teenager named Zach Soviech who was diagnosed with terminal cancer. It served to bring both awareness to kids battling cancer and encourage healthy people of all ages to start living life to the fullest—ending with the inspirational quote, “you don’t have to find out you’re dying to start living.” After watching the movie, I became inspired—as did others who watched—to help in the fight for a cure. 

I believe that instead of being silent while watching children put up unbelievably brave fights against the highly aggressive disease, people of all ages from around the world should do something to support the fight in ending childhood and all cancer. These kids would do anything to go to school, take three tests, go to ten sports practices, come home at 10:00 pm, and do homework until midnight if it meant they didn’t have to battle through cancer. Childhood cancer is a topic that needs to be given more attention to support the search for a cure and encourage others to enjoy every moment of life because it is a gift. 

Don’t wait until you can relate to the cause to start supporting the cause.