Students React: Bookstore Privileges Mostly Welcomed


Caryssa Snyder and Gabbie Cropper

Starting on Monday, October 18th, 8th and 7th grade Middle School students gained the ability to visit the bookstore during recess, each gender and grade getting their own day. While some students enjoy the privilege, others have mixed opinions.

“I think it’s cool that we can go during recess, and I also like that we have designated times to go because then we have guaranteed times that we’re allowed to go, and I just think it’s nice that we kind of have more freedom and another thing we can do during recess.” —7th grader Leah Marr
“I think it’s cool that we have a designated time and stuff, but I kind of don’t like that we can’t go after school because what if we need a snack because you have something to do or you’re hungry or thirsty, but I do like that it won’t be that long of a line.”—7th grader Keya Petal
“I think it’s good. I mean I don’t know what it’s going to be like for the 6th graders, but I guess since we’re 7th graders it’s going to be good.” —7th grader Luca Kelly
“I like it because we have a chance to go in the morning, but if we miss that with traffic or anything we can go during recess if the lunch is bad or something.” —7th grader Aidan Merchant
“I don’t really like it because I like to socialize and I wouldn’t want to miss my recess to go to the bookstore and I’m usually not hungry at that time so I wouldn’t want to waste my recess going to the bookstore.” —8th grader Leighton Harris
“I don’t really go to the bookstore.” —7th grader Rohan Anand
“Personally I wouldn’t go during recess because I like socializing.” —8th grader Caroline Kent