Reader Opinion: Lunch Norms Need Work


Lunch is a time when people are eating and socializing, but some people don’t get out of class as early as others, causing people not to get their lunch on time. This can be fixed by simply asking the teacher to let them go earlier than they originally were going. This is only one of the many factors that are causing kids to either not get lunch or get it very late.

Another thing is that some people say that their friend said they could stand with them, and sometimes these people already have food and are distracting the other person, causing the line to be backed up. Additionally, some people who might be older than another student just walk in front of that student, and that causes tension and people getting angry. A way to fix this might be opening more lines or having the lines a little more organized. A lot of people have to rush lunch on some days. This is a problem we need to fix.

Sincerely, Cameron Mays