Students React: Worried About Omicron Variant?


Image Credit: Michigan Health

Question: have you heard about the new Omicron COVID variant? Are you worried that it will impact our community?

“Yes. I feel like it will, just cause with what happened last when COVID started, just how it spread quickly. Hopefully if I get it . . . or my sister or my immediate family, we’ll probably be fine.”
“Yeah, I have. Well, considering that they have taken extra precautions in traveling right now, specifically in airlines, I’m not especially concerned about that, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it happened.”



“Yes, but I forgot the name of it. Well, I’ve heard that there are some cases in the US, but I don’t think any are in Georgia. Well, not for myself but for my grandparents. My parents want me to get the booster shot, when it comes.”
“Yes. Yeah. I would feel sad [if I got COVID], I would feel sick and sad.”
Emerson Routh: “Yes. It’s not in the US?”
Chambless Hawk: “I heard about it yesterday. I’m pretty nervous about that, but also there is a lot more research out about COVID in general now, so I think that we’re pretty safe.”
Lila Hagen: “I mean I’ve heard a little bit about it, but I don’t really know that much. I mean what happened with the Delta Variant since it affected kids . . . COVID keeps changing and growing bigger . . . so hopefully it won’t come to the US.”