Our Opinion: Journalism Should Be Your Next Elective


Dear 7th graders,

In the upcoming semester, you will have the opportunity to select electives to take next year. It is our hope that you will make Journalism your first choice. In doing so, you will have the privileges of expressing your opinions abouPawt controversial topics, experience life as a journalist, and become involved with the school. This elective is unlike most classes; you get a lot of freedom and responsibility, allowing every class to feel more like an adult job than student work. Although writing is not always viewed as fun, the freedom to be creative and open with your own views makes journalism the best! 

When writing an article, one of the first things that you experience is scheduling and conducting interviews with students and faculty. While it might be intimidating at first, this skill can help you later on in life by increasing your confidence at speaking with others and helping you with time management. You may even find that Journalism is what you wish to pursue as a career! 

When choosing journalism as your elective, you become a Westminster Paw Prints reporter, a role which comes with many advantages! One of the biggest benefits of being a journalism student is having a voice that no other electives offer. You get to release your curious side and go on scavenger hunts for new stories to cover! Who doesn’t want to be in the Westminster news loop?

All things considered, journalism is certainly the elective for you!