My Opinion: We Deserve a Choice For Yearbook Photos


Don’t you hate when you load up the directory to see your new yearbook photo for the first time, just to be greeted by something that you do not feel happy with? I always feel that the worst picture is always the one chosen. Being in this situation is something that many of my peers would agree with, and I wanted to know why the decision is not in your hands.

Making the choice yours could be so simple. Gem Shots makes it possible to see the multiple photos taken, and you select the one you like free of charge. If Gem Shots used this method, then there would be no problem. 

Instead, for you to get the photo you want, you have to buy it. I think that the need to purchase the photo is uncalled for. The school pays a significant amount to have every single student and teacher professionally photographed, so why should people have to pay fifty dollars for one photo? The pricing for the photos goes from fifty dollars for one then ninety dollars for two. All that money does not translate to a physical item. You pay all this money just for the photos to show up in your email inbox. What a rip-off.

How much of a hassle would it be to allow people to choose photos that they feel comfortable with thousands of people seeing? I am not fond of this unreasonable setup. It’s an undeniable rip-off just to have a photo you like. Gem Shots have given little effort to help kids feel comfortable with their appearance, and that’s not what we stand for.