Westminster Swimming and Diving Team Cope With New Safety Protocols


Madison Townsend


This fall, Middle school Swimming and Diving team has been training hard even in the midst of COVID. The coaches, Mrs. Allen, Dana Notestine, Christopher McSweeney, upper school math teacher Sarah Latham, and diving coach Amanda Miller have had to tweek and plan the schedule so there would be less exposure to one another. “First of all, we are having practices in the morning from 7-8, so that we can arrive changed out for the sport, and minimize locker room time and any crossover with other athletes/teams,” says Mrs. Allen, the Middle School dive coach. 

This was so Middle School would not overlap with Upper School swimming and diving, but it also created small issues. The Swimmers and Dividers had many mixed feelings, and some saw these changes as good and also bad. “When diving first started and I heard that I would have to leave my house at 6:35 to get to a 7:00 i was not happy about the circumstances.  Although once we got into doing Monday, Thursday, and Friday it got better because it was nice to have it done and be able to go home and do homework,” says Eighth grade diver Caroline Dolan.

Besides the morning practices Swimmers and Divers are doing a great job with maintaining six feet apart, putting their mask back on right before and right after each dive or swim, and lastly wearing their mask is not competing. “The coaches are doing a really good job with keeping us safe, and the protocols in place are pretty easy to follow and always followed here,” says Eighth grade swimmer and diver Ella Anothy. 

The Swimmers and Divers have had a short but exciting season so far. The divers and the swimmers won against Mt. Pisgah. Along with the divers winning against GPS nad McCallie of Chattanooga, but the swimmers lost still with great effort though. They will likely have one more meet against westminsters rivals, Lovett, and maybe one more.The coaches all agreed that the team is very dedicated and always puts out their best effort. 

Many accomplishments have already been achieved this year. Eighth grader Trevor Dempsey set a new all-time middle school record in the first meet for diving. Ella anthony has won first place in both meets so far. More first place winners include, Caroline Anderson (200m, 100fly), Marci Kinerman (50 free), Alex Fogle (diving), Ansley Sgrosso (100 free), Phoebe Clayton (100 breaststroke), and many more outstanding performances. 

In all the season has gone great and many can’t wait to continue, and try to win their last meet. “Overall it’s been super fun, i have gotten to learn so many other skills, meet new people, try a new sport, and have a great saeon so far,” says Eighth grade diver Hallie Harris.