World Series Fever Sweeps Westminster


Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Nov 5, 2021; Atlanta, GA, USA; Atlanta Braves players celebrate with a flag and the Commissioner’s Trophy during the World Series championship parade at Truist Park. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

 The Westminster community celebrated the Braves obtaining their first World Series win in twenty-six years by giving the day off of school to provide the students the opportunity to see the victory parade in Downtown Atlanta and at Truist Park. Not only did Westminster have no trouble getting hyped after the win, but we also had multiple spirit days in support of the Braves, and the day off to give students the opportunity to see the parade was much appreciated throughout the school.   

Winning this National Championship had our students and faculty ecstatic. Many students over the past couple of weeks have been rocking Braves gear such as World Series Champions t-shirts and hoodies. Students were especially excited to enjoy the parade. “It was so fun, it was crowded, a lot of confetti,” said 8th grader Olivia Weber. “[It was] cool to see all the players, but it was hard to see all the players with the bus moving fast. It was great having that day off school for the Braves.”  Overall, most students enjoyed the experience without having to worry about missing school.

Dean of Students Walter DuPriest, a lifelong fan of the Atlanta Braves, went to every home game throughout the NLCS and the World Series, getting to watch the Braves obtain two key wins over the Astros. “The Braves winning the World Series would mean a lot to me and my family, having watched the Braves for so long,” said DuPriest. Dupriest predicted that Solar and Rasario would be two of the most key players in clutching the win, and we have seen their importance to the team and what they brought to the field throughout the series. 

After coming from two key players suffering season-ending injuries, coming in with a completely new outfield, and losing a player from committing a crime, even just getting into the playoffs was a huge success for the Braves. Not only was going to the World Series a surprise, but winning was even bigger, with most people believing the Dodgers would knock the Braves out of the National League Championship. For the first World Series win in 26 years, Atlanta sure celebrated right.