Season Recap : Cross Country Teams Place Top Ten in Atlanta


2022 Girls’ Cross Country Team

The Middle School Cross Country teams have just wrapped up a fantastic season. The girl’s team placed 3rd in the inaugural IMAXC Championships, having three runners in the top 15, and the boy’s team placed 7th. Overall, the team finished with an exceptional record. The boy’s team in total ended with a total win-to-loss of 15–2, and the girl’s team with 14–2.

Cross Country Head Coach Ted Sadtler had expected the team to do well in the season. “They have taken everything we’ve thrown at them in terms of workouts and hard miles at the end of the workouts in great stride,” says Sadtler. “They do a great job.” 

Cross country is typically a team sport. Students love being on the team because they get the chance to run with their friends. “It’s been great, great vibe from the team,” says Sadtler. “Very team-oriented, they have a lot of fun.” 

Although it is a team sport, some of the individual runners on the teams stood out. Luca Plyler and Declan Schuette were both high placers for the girl’s and boy’s team. Luca Plyer just wrapped up her 2nd year on the team, while consistently placed in the top 3 of Westminster’s girl runners. Declan Schuette finished his 3rd year and has also been a high placer for the boy’s team. They both helped lead the two teams to their 3rd and 7th place wins.

2022 Boys’ Cross Country Team

Cross Country is the only sport in the fall that allows 6th graders to participate. While they are not allowed to compete, they still go to practices and cheer during home meets. Gaby Latz, an 8th grader on the team, enjoys having the opportunity to practice with them. “Having the sixth graders on the team brings a lot of excitement and energy to the practices and meets,” says Latz. 

For practices and meets, the team has been lucky in terms of weather. In the past years, they would have to cancel frequently for heat or lightning warnings. They only had to cancel two times this year. This means that the team had more time to practice and prepare for the meets, as well as actually compete in them.

Being on the team is a huge commitment; it requires 7th and 8th graders to practice four times a week and 6th graders to practice 3 times a week. Because some athletes balance sports and other after-school activities with cross country, students struggle to find time to do schoolwork. Some team members must be cautious with their time management by working during Office Hours to ensure homework gets completed. The practice was worth it, as the team ended on a strong note and a solid record.