8th-Grade Football Enjoys A Memorable Season of Growth

The 8th-grade football program experienced a unique season this year. The team didn’t win any of their games, but the group agrees that the season was a successful one; the team had fun while learning to love the sport. 

Chad Laney, the Head Coach and offensive coordinator of the 8th-grade football team, explains that the losses and difficulties of this season did not affect the team’s enjoyment. “We lost all of our games, which was very unique,” he said. “We were extremely competitive, we played a challenging schedule, but we did not win. That being said, the enthusiasm, energy, and passions for playing and improving were there from beginning to end, and it was really an impressive quality of the group.” 

Although the team dealt with injuries and a demanding schedule and didn’t win any games, Laney explains that the team still had fun every day during practice and games and had a strong sense of camaraderie throughout the season. 

Although the season results weren’t what players expected, the team had a fun season and learned a lot. Player Connor Coughlin still enjoyed playing football with his team. “Although we didn’t win a game this season, we all enjoyed the season. My favorite part of the season was practicing with the team and working on new offensive plays,” he said. “Although the result of the season wasn’t what we all wanted, I think we performed well and grew as a team.” 

Over Laney’s twenty years of coaching, he has noticed that the football program loses popularity each year among students, but everyone who is on the team is still dedicated. “The participation numbers are shrinking a little bit, but the enthusiasm for those that do play is still there” explains Laney. Football at Westminster is a non-cut sport, but the number of applications to the program get smaller each year. However, those that do apply are committed and love football. Application numbers are shrinking, but as long as the participants are dedicated and love the sport, the football program will flourish.