Jessup Adds Excitement to the History Department


Holden Ross

James Jessup came to Westminster this year as a new teacher in the History department. Jessup has been a great new addition to Westminster and adds some excitement to 7th grade.

Jessup was born in Winston-Salem. He went to North Carolina Central University and the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Before he taught at Westminster, he taught at KIPP Atlanta Collegiate High School. Mr. Jessup really enjoys the freedom to teach the way he can and get the kids the teaching that works best for them. Something really cool about Westminster is that I have the freedom to explore the US History and World Cultures curriculum in ways that maybe in a public situation I would have to teach a certain way and in a short amount of time,” says Jessup. “Where I have this freedom at Westminster I can teach multiple angles and dig a lot deeper and teaching here lets me teach in a way I couldn’t teach like this everywhere.”

   Mr. Jessup loves to work with his affinity groups and leadership groups. He works with FAM and Community Council. “I really enjoy Community Council because our whole goal is to bring unity to the school community,” says Jessup. “This my first year being able to work with FAM, it’s great to be around these young men and to be able to connect with them and to be a face and presence to let them know I’m always there for them.”

 Mr. Jessup also loves sports. “ My favorite college team in North Carolina is because I’m a Tarheel,” says Jessup. “I actually grew up as a Braves fan because you know living out in North Carolina the closest baseball team was the Braves and they were always on. I’m also a Carolina Panthers fan. As a kid, I played many sports but the love was always basketball and I’m so glad to see the Hawks do well.” 

We are so glad to have Mr. Jessup as a part of our Westminster community!