Fall 2020 Brings Changes to Streaming Television


Reeves Wood

Netflix watchers everywhere are talking about the removal and addition of many classic shows to the streaming platform. This change is leaving many streamers upset, as the removal of many classic and well-known shows from Netflix is quite disappointing. However, the disappearance of some popular series leaves us wondering what new shows will replace the ones that are leaving?

One of the major shows that will be leaving Netflix in 2021 is The Office. While Netflix has paid $80 million to keep the show on the platform for an extra year, eventually, NBC will move all nine seasons to their new Peacock streaming services launched back in April 2020. The show, which is nationally recognized for its success, ropes in 8 million viewers and around $500 million per year, and many people think that Netflix will suffer due to this significant loss. “I think Netflix will suffer on a pretty large scale,” says 7th grader Asha Laskar. “The Office is one of Netflix’s main shows, and most people who watch Nexflix know what The Office is. It’ll be a rough loss for a lot of people.”

The Office won’t be the only show leaving Netflix soon. Other popular series and films such as Parks and Recreation and Jurassic Park, both leaving Fall 2020, will be moving to different streaming platforms. 

However, Netflix watchers shouldn’t be afraid, because Peacock offers free streaming, while a Netflix subscription is around $15.00 a month. 

While this is quite a significant price drop, you might not want to give up on Netflix too soon. The Office’s leaving is bringing in a flood of new shows and movies to Netflix.  According to the website Whats-on-Netflix, there will be seven new movies coming out in October this year, including favorites like Fast and Furious: Spy Racers and Moneyball.

With everything else going on in the world, a small thing like The Office leaving Netflix just adds to the pile of disappointing news. Many will be distraught, but with a new influx of shows coming to the platform, the streaming experience may well be improved. We can only hope that Netflix will supply us with the same satisfaction that The Office so generously gave us. But for now, we should savor as much of the sitcom as possible before it’s gone.