Students Anxiously Anticipate Exams


Sam Lambert

Every year, exam season sneaks up on students. This year is no different; the exam rotation has begun, and so has the anxiety. Exam information is starting to creep into the announcements, language-speaking exams have begun, and the season is in full swing.

 Many 8th grade students feel relatively comfortable heading into these final weeks; the stress is still there, but as they become more and more used to taking exams, the pressure becomes much less prominent. I am nervous for exams,” says 8th grader Anjini Naidu, “but I’m not as nervous as the other years we’ve taken them, because I feel like I am more prepared, and I know what to expect, and now to study.” 

Younger students, on the other hand, seem to be more worried about the upcoming exams. “I feel very eager to get exams done,” says 7th-grade student John Edibo, “and very nervous towards exams and getting reading for them.” The 7th-graders have only taken exams a few times, and it’s still unfamiliar to them. Luckily for our 7th-graders, and for all students, there are better times ahead. “I think that exams are pretty stressful,” says 7th-grade student Ava Clay, “but at least when they’re over, it is almost summer.” Summer is right around the corner for Westminster students, so study hard, and good luck wildcats!