8th Grade Social Provides Much Needed Social Time For Students


A few weeks ago, 8th graders spent their Friday night with their classmates, socializing and having fun with one another. Out on Kent Field, students were able to enjoy chicken fingers and fries, ice cream cookie sandwiches, and a variety of carnival games. With COVID protocols still in place, masks were worn and eating was spaced out, but the class of 2025 was still able to bond and make it a fun night.

In this photo, two students show the food that they received from the food trucks, a fried chicken truck, and an ice cream sandwich stand. Each student was able to receive a box with chicken tenders and fries.
On Kent Field, students had the opportunity to play some fun carnival games, including Ring Toss, Stand the Bottle, Can Crash, and many more!
8th-grade students also enjoyed huge ice cream sandwiches, perfect for a warm spring night. These were a huge hit among students, with several flavors selling out.
Teachers enjoyed some social time and good food also as they supervised the students. They welcomed students at the entrance, watched over the food and drinks stations together, and helped with carpool pickup.
Students loved being able to spend time with friends they normally don’t see in class and used this night to bond and finally have some much-needed social time!
For most students, it was the first time in a long time that they could safely gather together in big groups and have a good time. The 8th-grade girls were very excited and really enjoyed cramming into this big group picture.
In addition to carnival games and food trucks, students had the opportunity to shoot free throws on the basketball blowup and kick goals on the soccer blowup.