Looking at Next Year’s Schedule


Gavin Rouse

As we all know there is a pandemic currently going and we have a different schedule this year. The schedule that we had this year was meant for not having everyone everywhere by only having four class periods a day. The reason for this was to have fewer people in the hall and less contact with the other students. A Lot of students did not like the new schedule because they felt like the classes were really long. This new schedule is like the schedule we used to have before Covid-19 hit. The new schedule is six class periods a day. The schedule has the first three periods and then the fourth period along with lunch. Then there are office hours after lunch and then two more periods after office hours to finish off the day. Also, there are optional office hours at the end of the day from 3:15 to 6:00 in the library also known as the GWL.


Some students prefer the new schedule rather than the current one. “I like how we have six periods a day like the old schedule. I would rather have lunch as its own period and not go as a class. But I’m glad that we have a designated time for office hours.” says 8th grader Jonah Franco. “I like the current schedule because it’s shorter and there is more office hour time and there are more breaks. I also just feel overwhelmed with having six classes a day rather than just having four classes.” says 8th grader Will Stewart.

According to Leslie Ann Little the Assistant Head of Middle School Academics, the new schedule is pretty much going back to normal except for Office Hours. “Well the current one was designed to limit pass time in the age of covid and the thinking was that you only have 4 transitions during the day rather than 6 transitions,” says Little. “And we had to go to a seven-day rotation to make sure we could distribute the periods equitably across seven days. This new schedule is similar to our pre-Covid schedule, but it is different and we are going to try to work out office hours in the middle of the day. We do this so that office hours don’t conflict with any after-school sports or activities.” Mrs. Little is saying that the new schedule is going back to how it was in the previous years. The only thing that has changed besides having 6 classes a day is the office hours. The Office hours are now in the middle of the day so the coaches don’t have to be late for anything, and the students get there after school activities and sports.