Students React: Approaching Christmas Sparks Talk of Tradition


Since Thanksgiving has ended, the next quickly approaching holiday is Christmas. Of course, with Christmas comes the centuries-old conversation of tradition. The holiday break is a time for celebration, and that celebration can come in many ways for students. Whether you spend Christmas with your extended family or just with a couple of people, or not at all, we all can appreciate the two-week break!

“I spend time with my family, we make cookies, hang ornaments up on the tree, spend time together, that kind of stuff.” —7th grader Brij Vyas



“We go to my grandmother’s house, and we have a rotisserie, and then my grandma makes tamales, and we open presents at midnight.” —8th grader Angelica Roman
For Christmas, we make sweets and we get presents.” —6th grader Radhika Laskar
“This year for Christmas, I’m going to Miami, and we’re going to hang out with my whole family.” —7th grader Daniel Estrada-Hernandez
“I don’t celebrate Christmas, but I celebrate New Year’s. And we just have parties and get red packets, and get money.” —8th grader Crystal Zhang
“For Christmas, usually I sit down with my family and we have a meal together, but because of COVID we don’t want to get my grandparents and my great-grandparents sick so we’re just going to spend some time together and open presents under the Christmas tree.” -BriAngel Parks