My Opinion: Students Understandably Upset About Locked Doors


Kyle Coleman

          With all of the changes that students have had to deal with this year, getting locked out of the school just makes it that much worse. Westminster gave students ID’s to unlock the doors assuming that we students would carry them around. Let me tell you something . . . nobody carries around their ID. This situation often leads to students banging on doors and teachers getting annoyed. Personally, these doors seem like a bother to everyone.

We talked to some students and teachers about the locked doors situation, and they weren’t too happy about the matter either. Students were especially upset about these changes. “I honestly hate how the doors stay locked,” says 8th grader Jason Levine. “It’s very annoying how sometimes I get to school late, and I don’t have my ID  on me and I just can’t get into school. I just end up banging on the door for at least five minutes until someone hears me.” 

The teachers also don’t like these changes. “I don’t really understand why they keep the doors locked,” says 7th-grade science teacher Perry Williams. “I often hear students banging on doors, and it’s like nobody higher up has seemed to notice. I always have my key card on me because I know this is a problem for many people including myself. I just don’t really understand why they keep the doors locked.”

I’m in the boat with Mr. Williams, and I just always have my key card on me because I know that this is a very big problem. I can also see the side of the students because sometimes you can be running late or even just trying to get into Turner or something like that and you just won’t have your card. 

We talked to many students and they all said pretty much the same thing. “This is very unnecessary and I just don’t understand why they keep the doors locked all the time,” says 8th grader Mason Theis. We as the students feel like the school is overlooking this problem and we feel like it needs to be fixed. 

Personally I really don’t like how the doors are locked. It’s not like people would regularly be walking in and out of the school anyway. Or maybe the administration can just lock the main doors like at Lower Circle and at the Upper Circle. I see no reason to lock the inner doors and stuff like that. It’s a bother to the students, a bother to the teacher, and there is really just no reason to have the doors locked in the first place.