Reader Opinion: Not Enough Time for Seventh Grade Lunch


Dear Editors,

7th grade enters the lunch line at 12:15 each day. However, often we only get lunch and manage to sit down at 12:30 or 12:35, and we’ve been notified by teachers to start heading back at 12:40. The High School is only allowed to enter the lunchroom at our time, and though they have multiple options (Hawkins, etc.), we do not. Usually, lines are clogged and Flik is running low on multiple lunchroom items.

Today, we had to wait ten minutes for a new batch of chicken tenders to come out, along with having to wade through lines almost reaching out the door. There also was no soup left for us, at least, not that I could see.

Having five minutes to start and finish eating lunch is unacceptable. I understand Flik faces challenges with short-staffing and the pandemic, but some solution must be available. At the very least, high schoolers should have different time restrictions in Malone.

Thank you. —Ismini Vasiloglou